UltraSecure 3000 High Speed Metal Door

UltraSecure 3000 High Speed Metal Door


Fast, Safe and Wind Resistant for High Profile Applications

Albany Door Systems' UltraSecure 3000 high speed metal door is perfect for commercial and high security applications where speed is important, looks are critical, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are paramount. The bold sleek design adds visual appeal to any architectural environment. The UltraSecure 3000 meets Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements.

It's simple patented design insures hundreds of thousands of maintenance free cycles.

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UltraSecure 3000 CarGuard Safety System CarGuard Safety System UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo
Prevents Injury

Albany doors offer more protective sensors than anyone in the industry. As a result, the risk of injury to people and damage to vehicles is reduced significantly.

One of the most common causes of injury or damage to vehicles is when a door comes down on a person and hits them in the head or face. This is often the result of photo eyes being improperly installed, or worse, not installed at all.

The CarGuard Safety System offers a full curtain of protection up to approximately six feet high on both sides of the door. As a result, loads cannot go below or through the beams without being detected. Once an object is detected, the door automatically retracts.

No door is as safe as Albany.

UltraSecure 3000 Stack Free DiscDrive Stack-Free DiscDrive Design UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo

Smooth and Quiet Operations

Patented Stack-Free design prevents metal-to-metal contact during operation, reducing excessive wear, vibration and noise.

UltraSecure 3000 UltraSmart Controller UltraSmart™ Controller UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo
Makes Troubleshooting Easy

All Albany doors come standard with Albany's exclusive patent pending and fully modular UltraSmart Controller.

In the event of a problem, Albany's UltraSmart Controller diagnoses it and recommends a solution. If the door is impacted and breaks away, the Controller walks the operator through all the steps required to fix the door quickly and without hassle.

UltraSecure 3000 UltraEasy Slat Design UltraEasy Slat Design UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo

Easy Replacement

Conventional security doors and competitive offerings that use hinges to tie the slats together are extremely difficult to repair. Pull out one slat and the rest can fall to the ground. Not so with The UltraSecure Easy Slat design.

The belt system keeps the other panels from falling to the ground. Individual slats can be easily and quickly replaced from the front without having to slide out.

UltraSecure 3000 Ultralift Belt Design UltraLift Belt Design UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo

No Rollers, Hinges or Ball Bearings

Albany's patented UltraLift belt design is hinge-less ,roller-less, and uses no ball bearings.

The Ultra Lift design secures each door slat to a belt. As the door rolls up, the belt lifts the slats up onto the disc drive . Fewer moving parts mean lower maintenance and cost of operation.

UltraSecure 3000 Wireless Safety System Wireless Safety System UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo
Eliminate Coil Cord Problems

Albany’s new wireless safety system is revolutionary.

Most high speed doors in operation today use coil cords.  The problem with coil cords is they:

  • Get tangled up
  • Catch on other objects
  • Are susceptible to breakage
  • Are difficult and costly to repair
  • Tend to stretch and sail into the photo eyes causing false activation

Cut your cord with Albany's Wireless Safety System and all of these common problems are eliminated.

UltraSecure 3000 BacOut Safety System BacOut Safety System UltraSecure 3000 Interactive Demo
Automatically Raises Door in Emergencies

Albany doors can be supplied with our unique BacOut Safety System. When a power outage takes place, people want to get out of the building. In the event of an emergency, they want to get out fast.

Albany's exclusive BacOut Safety System is automatic. Simply pull the brake release and the door will begin to open, allowing egress to occur easily and efficiently. No manual cranks or climbing ladders to open a door without power. Simply pull the brake release and you are able to get out.

Availability dependent on door size.


UltraSecure 3000 is Secure, Fast, Safe and Wind Resistant