RapidRoll® 3000 GL - Transparent and energy-saving


[Translate to English:] Das Ford Center Soest hat seinen Standort modernisiert und erweitert. Herzstück des Anbaus ist die Direktannahme.

Ford Center Soest have modernised and expanded their site. At the core of the extension work is the check-in facility with testing lane, in which the vehicle is put through its paces in the presence of the customer. With this investment, the car dealership is placing even more focus on the customer. The fact that you can see into the hall ensures transparent customer service, while this transparency is also representative of the energy-efficient design. To meet requirements in the best way possible, Managing Director Jochen Bock chose to use two of Albany Door Systems' transparent RapidRoll ® 3000 GL high-speed roll doors, while another one of these same doors has been fitted at the entrance to the workshop. Thanks to the high transparency and fast reaction times of the door, working conditions have also significantly improved.

The Bock family have been running a car dealership at this site for 35 years now, and have been exclusive Ford dealer to the Soest area since 1992. Twenty employees, including three trainees, advise on, sell and repair cars on-site in the company's own workshop. The company also specialises in motor homes and is therefore an expert when it comes to repairs and servicing of these vehicles. Prior to the modernisation, the company had no testing lane for check-in, so this had to be done in the workshop instead. In other words, longer routes were taken, which meant more time consumed for employee and customer alike. Furthermore, the workshop was closed with an industry-standard sectional door, which, on account of the rails under the ceiling, reduced the hall's lifting height by at least half a metre. The low light incidence with this door ultimately meant a large amount of power was required to light the hall.

Energy-efficient and pleasant all-round
To ensure that the company would be best-prepared for the future, proprietor Jochen Bock has invested around EUR 250,000 in the modernisation of the existing building, dating from the 1970s, and the accompanying extension. "The new building is designed to be light and airy and instill a sense of transparency in the customer service process. I felt it was particularly important to have an energy-efficient design", Bock says. The Managing Director installed a solar power system on the roof of his car dealership in 2010, which was soon followed by new insulation. The new building is a continuation of this energy-conscious approach. With the dealership also testing large vehicles such as Ford Transits and motor homes, it was essential for the entire room height of 6 metres to be usable.

Service that serves the customer
Measuring 110 square metres in area, the new building houses the check-in for testing cars in the presence of the customer. "We would like to give our customers the best, most transparent service possible. That is something we can put into practice thanks to the new design", says Service Manager Thomas Jöring.
There are two work stations at the check-in, with four employees in total trained for this task. A number of stations and ultra-modern equipment such as track plates and push pad testers are used for jobs such as checking the symmetry of the front axle and checking the condition of the tyres and the undercarriage. The elevating platform in the testing lane is designed for vehicles weighing up to six tonnes.