Albany Door Systems Envico range has four key criteria as a part of its design philosophy: they are Quality, Reliability, Durability and Simplicity. These are the fundamental attributes that the doors are built on. The robust and uncomplicated nature of the design guarantees very low running costs. The doors automatic curtain relocation feature means little down time in the event of accidental collisions. While the door carries quality components and is simplistic in design, it still provides a modern look.

The workhorses of the Envico™ range. Research has shown that the Maxim door has some of the lowest running costs when compaired with other rapid roll doors on the market. The doors are designed with quality, durability, reliability and simplicity as the key design principles. Envico’s 100% curtain relocating system, results in a truly reliable high speed door. Down time with door repairs due to collisions by forklifts and costly replacements of bottom rails become a thing of the past. All Envico™ doors have adjustable speed drives for smooth and quiet operation. This feature will also control the down speed of the door offering additional safety for pedestrians.


In the event of accidental collisions the relocating system ensures that the curtain automatically reinserts itself back into the track. The ENVICO relocating system means that in most cases there is no down-time for collision repairs.

Door frame

The side frames are manufactured from robust aluminium extrusions and can optionally be powder-coated in a wide variety of RAL colours.

Door curtain

The following designs are available:

  • 1mm continuous Rip-Stop PVC door blade
  • Standard with 50mm reinforced webbing strips on side edges
  • 50mm reinforced webbing strips also on centre section of door blade with door widths 4500mm and over
  • Reinforced wind bars for wind classes 2 and 3

Vision panels

2 rows of windows is provided as the standard option. Up to 5 rows of windows can be installed depending on door dimension.

Ventilated Panels

Ventilation panels still provide a good degree of visibility and up to 5 rows of panels can be installed if opening height allows.

Exterior door combination

The ENVICO door range is ideally suited when combining with other door types for exterior applications. The Maxim head assembly is supported by the 2 side frames and is therefore free-standing. This allows the Maxim to be safely mounted infront of a conventional steel roller door. This is ideal for exterior applications where both security andproductivity are important. Sealing between the doors is maintained using the seal kit supplied with the door.

Motor and top roll cover

Doors come with a galvanised and powdercoated front hood cover. Motors come standard with fibre-glass covers. Covers can easily be removed for inspection and service work. A full motor cover (shown here) can also be supplied as an optional extra.

Drive system

The standard drive system is a direct drive via a gearbox and brake motor. The motor can be positioned on the right or on the left side of the door.

Control unit

The ENVICO Rapid Roll door is equiped with an integrated control system. This comes with a PLC logic controller as well as a variable speed drive for adjustable up and down speeds. The control system offers a range of expandable options to support most applications.

Safety features

These doors have a built-in flexible soft bottom edge that ensures the safety of both pedestrians and product. The doors are also equiped with photocells in the side frames which prevent the door from closing as long as persons or objects are in the closing plane.


A number of activation options or safety devices are available and can be used depending on the application. We are happy to advise and put together a solution that fits your requirements.

Size options

Maxim size option ranges from DW Min/Max 2000mm – 6000mm and DH min/Max 2000mm – 6000mm

Stainless steel

For environments where standard materials are not suitable stainless steel components are available. Some examples of environments where stainless steel would be used are caustic wash down areas and salt or sugar plants.

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