RapidRoll® 300 Plus I

This compact roll door is not only perfectly suited to retail and wholesale trade, warehouses are also happy to use it as the RapidRoll® 300Plus I can provide energy-saving room and climate separation. Smooth, easy-clean surfaces make it ideal for use in the hygiene sector. The door can still be opened automatically in the event of a power outage thanks to the integrated counterbalance.

Particularly suitable for:

  • Compact, lightweight high-speed roll-up door for interior applications
  • Suitable for use in escape and emergency routes with additional equipment
  • Protects against draughts as an internal door
  • Fo energy-saving room and climate separation
  • In protected exterior applications
  • In the hygiene sector, as the smooth PVC surface is easy to clean
  • In retail, wholesale and warehouses

May be used in escape and emergency routes

With special additional equipment the RapidRoll 300 Plus can be converted to a high-speed roll door for escape and emergency routes. The door then has various monitoring devices, such as a radar motion detector, autonomous opening and a regular self-test.


The side frames are made of stainless steel.

Door curtain


Transparent PVC curtain with blue/red fabric strips


RollTex® or NomaTex® curtains with/without windows or vision strips or PVC with silicon-free fabric strips.

Pulse generator

Customised functions can be accommodated with the aid of additional safety devices such as infrared or radar motion detectors and a wide variety of industrial pulse generators (switches, induction loops, radio transmitters etc.). We are happy to advise you and put together a tailor-made configuration for you.

Control unit

The control unit with its user-friendly foil keypad and graphic display is mounted on the side frame. Comprehensive diagnostics and error messages are displayed here.

Breakaway mechanism

The door can be fitted with an optional breakaway mechanism. In a crash, the bottom profile swings out, the door stops and remains stationary. The door can then be reset manually and put back into operation. Doors with a breakaway mechanism are fitted with a spiral cable.

Safety features

The door is equipped with an electrically monitored safety contact bar. In addition, a stationary photocell also prevents the door closing when objects or people are in the closing plane. An integrated light curtain is optionally available from a door height of H = 1865 mm.

Integrated cable guide

The door's cabling is routed internally as standard.

Motor and roll cover

Standard: Supplied without cover.

Optionally: RAL 7040 plastic, stainless steel or RAL 9006 powder-coated steel motor cover.

Optionally: Aluminium roll cover.

Drive position

The motor may be mounted on the right or left.

Door control

The door is fitted with an ACS 50 type control as standard.

The MCCVector Control frequency inverter control system is available as an option. The MCC control unit is mounted beneath the motor to save space.

Autonomous opening

Optional autonomous opening

  • Manual operation: the door may be opened manually using a hand lever and by releasing the brake in the counterbalance system.
  • Autonomous opening: The door can optionally be supplied with autonomous opening which allows the door to open independently in the event of a power outage.

In either case, the counterbalance springs release and open the door to a maximum height of approximately 2.0 m, depending on the size.

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