The Fraunhofer Institute confirms: Albany RapidRoll® Clean keeps cleanrooms sterile


The Albany RapidRoll® Clean is the first cleanroom door certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Cleanrooms are the most vital prerequisite for production in accordance with standards in research-intensive sectors such as the medicines and pharmaceutical industry, electronics production or semi-conductor production. Albany Door Systems, the inventor of the high-speed door, has applied its many years of experience to cleanroom technology and developed a door based on the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): the RapidRoll® Clean. Thanks to its close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, it has achieved one of the highest possible quality levels: cleanroom class ISO 5 as per the European standard and GMP Class C. It is the first cleanroom door certified by the Institute and recommended for production.

Production in a cleanroom imposes stringent requirements on the components used inside. An air flow system ensures that the pressure is kept constant and refreshes the air several times an hour, in order to keep the concentration of airborne particles to a minimum. The requirements for a cleanroom door that separates the individual zones are therefore clear. In order to ensure cost-effective operation, it must be airtight, open and close quickly, prevent contamination, and optically fit into the cleanroom environment.

These requirements are met by the new RapidRoll® Clean high-speed door from Albany Door Systems. As established by the Fraunhofer Institute, it reduces air loss to a minimal 20 cubic metres per hour with a standard door size and constant positive pressure of 25 pascal. In  production reality, certification in accordance with cleanroom class ISO 5 (as per EN ISO 14644-1) means that a maximum of 29 particles measuring five micrometres or more will be found in a cubic metre of air, even during normal operation. This makes sterile production possible. Fast opening at a speed of up to 2.0 metres per second and closing at up to 1.0 metre per second reduces the strain placed on the filter in the cleanroom. The operator saves energy and the system becomes more efficient.

In order to ensure that the RapidRoll® Clean fits in perfectly in the sterile clinical environment, the door structure has an easy-clean surface made from stainless steel (V2A). Finished without any overhang and sharp edges, with integrated cable routing and without a spring system, the door blocks possible contamination sources right from the start. The doors themselves are transparent, optimising the flow between individual workstations. The "Magic Switch" allows for contactless opening and closing. An uninterruptible power supply in the roll cover ensures that the door continues to function even if there is a power cut.

Each door is adapted individually to customer requirements. Certification by the Fraunhofer Institute confirms it: the cleanroom door from Albany Door Systems gives cleanroom planners and operators a product with a practical stainless steel design and great GMP-compliant functionality. Albany’s door inventor’s expertise has also paid off in the field of cleanroom technology.