Albany's history

A company with tradition

From a simple but ingenious idea ...

Until the end of 2011 Albany was part of the group Albany International Corp., the pioneer of the industrial sector of high performance doors. Albany invented the first high performance door in 1968.

An engineer at Albany International’s paper machine plant in Sweden discovered an ingenious new use for the fabrics manufactured there: He designed a door with a flexible panel that would rapidly roll up and down, quickly sealing the doorway. A unique counterbalance system kept the door closed tight and made for remarkably smooth operation. This groundbreaking technology produced a door that could open and close faster than any other industrial-use door in history. Thus the importance of these doors to the industry a whole new independent line of business had been created, the production of high performance doors-leading to an entire new industry.

... to a company active around the world

The door division, initially also known as NOMAFA, expanded over time through the acquisition of German high-speed door manufacturer Schieffer and Canadian door maker M&I Capitalizing on the strengths of its acquired companies, the subsequently named Albany has been producing doors for the world market since 2002 at its production facilities located in Lippstadt/Germany, Lawrenceville/USA and Panyu City/China.

With a large number of installations sold all around the world, Albany is recognised as the leading global manufacturer of high-speed industrial door systems.

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